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Some things will be hard.  Some days will be hard.   

The question is:  which hard will you pick? 

The hard that is looking back in a year to realize that you haven’t put your work in the world because you didn’t chase your dream?  Or the hard that is the courage to put your work out into the world bravely and show up, knowing that your dream has value and meaning to you and to your audience? 

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Finding a Dream to Chase

When I first started dreaming of running a business from home based on my art, I felt like I was drifting in a sea of possibilities with no guidance or sense of direction. The years passed, and I found myself no closer to a plan to chase my dream. My background in Commercial Interior Design didn’t provide the business and marketing experience I needed. On top of that, I had been at home raising two energetic boys for the previous ten years – leaving me a little out of touch with the design industry.

Feeling very lost, I started following a handful of successful artists on Instagram and wondered how they found their success and how I could do the same. Slowly my mind started opening to the possibilities, but there was still a problem – I only occasionally painted or sketched, had no particular style and certainly didn’t hold a candle to the incredible artists I admired. Hope once again started to dwindle (that sounds a little dramatic, but I was discouraged).

About that time, I came across a free workshop by Bonnie Christine, the workshop that is happening next week! (Though now it is completely new and redesigned for 2022.) You can check it out here if you are interested in joining me – I am taking it again this year! She will cover topics like mapping out your journey to success, creating income from your art and a whole lot more! (She is also giving away an ipad, it’s definitely going to be worth your time!)

Dreams don’t work unless you do!

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. The feeling of looking back and wishing you had done something is so much harder to swallow than the effort required to move forward and make progress. I want you to dive in, so you can look back and see just how much you are able to accomplish when you focus and make your dreams happen.

Find out what happens when you don't give up!  Creative Courage

Let it start with curiosity rather than fear. 

Chase the questions – what will happen if you step out of comfort and show your work, share your heart?  Rather than fear, let curiosity, challenge, excitement – whatever gets you to move forward.  And once you start moving forward let determination drive you to keep going.   Share your story with the world!

Chase that curiosity – find out what happens when you don’t give up! 

*I am an affiliate for Bonnie Christine, because this is something I absolutely value and believe in so much!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Hey Jennie! Loving the thought pattern challenge, and enjoyed the blog post. I have a similar story and was ready to give up on my art and business until I found the free workshop from Bonnie, and took Immersion. It transformed by entire business and life as an artist, and showed me the value of being a part of the artist community!

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