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This is how an art pattern collection begins. In daydreams and wandering thoughts. In a collection of ideas and words and mental images of what the collection will feel like, where it will land, who it will resonate with, what feelings it will bring to mind. Colors and shapes. Its’ still vague and only exists in my mind and in words on paper.  

Art pattern collection creation

Some of it can be written down. Some of it cannot be captured in words.  

art pattern collection creation

This part happens best away from a screen. Preferably outside, surrounded by space. Visual space to explore and to fill with ideas and possibilities. To let my mind and words ramble. It doesn’t have to make sense yet. I just have to capture the feeling and hang on to it long enough to illustrate.

Art pattern collection

After this, I keep collecting. Collecting textures, shapes, shadows, colors, contrasts, differences, shades, tones, styles, finishes. Anything I can find that relates and supports the idea. This process doesn’t usually happen quickly. A collection of any kind with depth takes time and work.

Once the collection is large enough (it is rarely complete, there’s always more inspiration to uncover and add), I can move on to develop and create and revise and refine. And then at the very end, I add the words back into it to wrap it all up as a complete collection.   

Read more about creating an art pattern collection in your personal style here. And about productivity and habits for creatives here, if you need help getting started!

Photos by Missy Palocol Photography.

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  1. […] While I love playing with a wide variety of art supplies for surface design (and I have way too many in my studio), I find myself returning to the same favorite staples over and over. Nearly all of my work starts out on paper, after the ink dries, I scan everything into the computer in order to digitally redesign it in Adobe Illustrator and turn all the painted work into surface designs and repeating patterns. For more on my process of creating a pattern collection, check out this post. […]

  2. Dawne Vanden Bos says:

    Hello Jennie, I discovered your website through the current Immersion 2023 class taught by Bonnie Christine; you are one of her Experts. I absolutely love your work and am inspired by the patterns you have created. I also am a fellow Washingtonian and hope to translate my love for Washington into beautiful designs.

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