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How do you become a Surface Designer? How do you learn to design Fabric??

Are you curious to learn more about Surface Pattern Design, design your own fabric, learn how to make an income from your art, and see your art on products? This was exactly where I was three years ago. A big dream, but finding very little information about how to make it happen.

But now, there is a Free workshop, just for you that will teach you all the secrets! 

This free, week-long workshop – Secrets to Success in Surface Design – will show you how creating a career you love from your art is entirely possible! You’ll learn about the steps to take to get there, learn tips for taking consistent action and building confidence in your creative work – and find a community of creatives who are ready to support you! 

The details: 

In the workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a career you love and achieve your goals
  • The essential stages to becoming a licensing artist and navigating the industry
  • How to map out the next 12 months of progress for your business
  • The 5 secrets to industry success and how to create multiple streams of revenue

The workshop is hosted by industry expert, Bonnie Christine and only happens once a year! Once you register, the lessons will be delivered straight to your inbox! (There are replays available if you can’t make it live.)

The workshop is in celebration of the upcoming Immersion launch – the full experience and exactly how I learned to create and license my own wallpaper and fabric!

If you aren’t familiar with Immersion, it is hosted by Bonnie Christine: an online course teaching Surface Pattern Design, complete with a community of supportive, creative people. It happens only once a year and is ‘live’ meaning as the course modules are dropped, you also have access to live Q&A calls with Bonnie, access to a team of experts (like me! 😉 and guides to answer your questions and provide feedback, and access to a community platform to share and support one another. It truly is an experience like none other!

After Immersion and over the past two years, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge in designing fabric and other creative products, as well as developing a creative brand identity and sharing my brand story. If you are interested in learning about how to create and express your unique brand’s story, check out the Brand Story Basics guidebook I put together!

Sketchbook pages
Pages from my sketchbooks – used for my favorite pattern!

Does this resonate with you too?

I didn’t know all this in February 2020, but I did know immediately that Surface Design sounded like what I wanted to do. It felt as if all the years of noticing and recording all the random shapes and patterns on walks and color combinations I found in unusual places (laundry hamper? Leaf shadow patterns?) and snapped photos of finally had a place and a meaning.

How a love for creating and keeping memories could be wrapped up in art and in repeating patterns.

A love of nostalgia and story finally had its purpose in being wrapped into patterns for other people to enjoy along with me.

And love for designing on the computer to bring concepts to life, which before looked like AutoCAD to physical spaces could now continue in Illustrator and products. The vague dream I had of holding a product in my hands that I had created (in my dream it was a box of some sort, and that has yet to happen) is now a reality.

Artist workspace
My Workspace in 2021

Immersion has opened a whole new world of experiences and connections! 

At times progress feels slow (that’s actually good) but when I look back at everything I’ve learned and accomplished in the last two years, it’s astonishing. Pre-Immersion I was floundering in the years of finding myself again after leaving a job to stay home with kids – which I loved! But they were school ages and I had time, but no dream. It’s painful not to have a dream. Immersion gave me that dream and a step-by-step guide to get there. 

Now, I have to tell you, I typically am a ‘figure it out yourself – piece it together from what I can learn on google’ type. But this time, I invested.  It was hard to imagine spending that amount of money on myself. But I was so certain that it was exactly what I wanted to do, and I had the confidence in Bonnie to teach me. 

Pink Floral Pattern
One of my earliest patterns – which I still Love!!

The First Year…

The first year of this journey into Surface Pattern Design was exciting – thanks to the course, I progressed from zero Illustrator knowledge to creating in collections and was welcomed back to the course the following year as a guide! Yes, Bonnie teaches Illustrator so well that I learned enough in one year to help guide others through the learning process. I created collections, a portfolio, and a website, and set up a business (you can read more about it here) – so many new skills and experiences!

What was I lacking? Licensing opportunities. And it stung a bit. I had pictured it happening sooner. But persistence pays off – “Find out what happens when you don’t give up!” So I didn’t give up. And I pitched again. And again. And let me tell you, hearing ‘yes’ after waiting is a beautiful thing!

Artist with fabric designs and quilt
A quilt made with my very own fabric designs!

Persistence Pays off

It was in year 2, with multiple licenses, that I began to share more confidently that I am an artist, a surface designer. As if those accomplishments gave me the merit I needed. They didn’t, of course, but they were the boost of courage I needed.

If you are at this stage – or at the beginning of your creative entrepreneur journey – don’t give up! And don’t waste your valuable energy comparing yourself to the success of others. Believe me, I’ve done that and it both makes you feel miserable and it gets you nowhere. And if you need encouragement or accountability – please reach out! Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but we are truly better together!

Also – if you’re interested in learning Surface Pattern Design, join my email list! Click the button to get more info on Immersion and its accompanying bonuses. Sign up now to learn more about this unique opportunity to learn a new design skill that will launch your creativity!

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