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Crafting Comfort: A Burr Basket for the Decor Enthusiast




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Gift Giving is an Art

And some people just seem to have that art perfected! I usually struggle to find a gift that is a perfect blend of thoughtfulness and originality. But for thoughtfulness and originality, what better gift is there for a decor-loving, baking-enthusiast friend than crafting a thoughtful and cozy burr basket? If the term ‘burr basket’ is new to you – it’s a new one to me too! (Maybe because I’m not on TikTok?) I had to google it and learned that this delightful gift basket is simply a curated collection of items that promise warmth, comfort, and a touch of style.

In this blog post, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite gifts and added a few ideas to help you create your own perfectly cozy Burr Basket to gift this holiday season!

Choosing the Right Basket

Step one: Select a basket that complements the recipient’s style. If you know their decor style, this step will be much easier. Select a cozy woven basket for the friend who loves textures and neutrals, or a minimal style for that friend who prefers…minimalism. Either way, the basket style sets the tone for the warmth and comfort the gift basket will deliver. At this point, you’ll need to plan ahead to know how big your basket needs to be to fit all the goodies. So, read on to plan!

Burr Basket: Full of Thoughtful Gifts

Now that you’ve found a basket, it’s time to fill it with thoughtful, cozy gifts! Here are a few of my favorite things:

Geometry House Towels

If you’ve been around here a while, you know how much I love Geometry’s towels! (And not just because they have my art on them 😉 These not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of sophistication to the decor. Consider colors that match the recipient’s home theme or go for neutrals for a versatile touch. Geometry has holiday styles to match each season, so add a holiday candy towel to a Christmas Burr Basket or a Valentine hearts towel for a Burr Basket for your Valentine! (Don’t forget to use code TobogganAvenue15 to save on those towels!)

Geometry House towels

Cozy Socks

Everyone loves a pair of warm, fuzzy socks, right? Especially during the colder seasons. Look for good quality, soft socks in the recipient’s favorite colors or patterns – bonus points for socks with an inside joke! Whether it’s a classic stripe or cozy and fluffy, these socks will keep toes toasty and stylish. My favorite socks are from Stance – I like the stripes in fun colors, but they make a lot of options!

Stance Socks -  for a Burr Basket gift

Tea or Hot Chocolate

A cozy gift basket wouldn’t be complete without a selection of comforting teas! You could choose a variety of flavors, including herbal, green, and black teas, or if you know the recipient’s taste, cater to that! This holiday sampler pack from Stash is my favorite collection of teas to enjoy around the holiday -but to be honest, I drink these all year round, Christmas Morning is my very favorite tea!

Holiday Tea -  for a Burr Basket gift

Another option, in place of tea, is to include a high-quality hot chocolate mix along with some marshmallows or chocolate stirrers. If you know the recipient has a sweet tooth, hot chocolate is perfect for cozy evenings!

A Bottle of Wine

Depending on the recipient, a beautiful bottle of wine like one of these from Sant’Angelus could be the perfect addition for a cozy night in!

Sant' Angelus Wine -  for a Burr Basket gift

Decorative Mug

Pair the tea selection with a set of stylish and decorative mugs or cups. Consider ones that match the recipient’s taste and home decor for a thoughtful touch. Find a local artisan to offer a handmade, local mug – a perfect gift for the holiday!

A Good Book

Unless you know that the recipient isn’t a reader, a book is almost a necessity in a Burr Basket. Select a bestselling novel, a cookbook, or a book related to home decor. A book provides a source of entertainment and relaxation, making it an ideal addition for someone who appreciates a good read.

If you know your recipient is an entrepreneur, choose a book focused on business or one that provides insights into successful design projects. You can find a list of my favorite books for creative entrepreneurs here!

Recommended Reading for artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, gifts for a Burr Basket

Cozy Throw Blanket

If space allows, add a soft and luxurious throw blanket to the mix. This can be draped over a couch or bed, or offer an extra layer of warmth and style while they drink tea and read a book! 😉 I love the texture and colors of these fluffy blankets from Saranoni!

Cozy Blanket for a Burr Basket

Gourmet Snacks

Include a selection of gourmet snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, or artisanal chocolates. These treats add a touch of indulgence to the basket, perfect for snacking during movie nights. My favorite holiday chocolates are Theo’s! Try the Gingerbread Spice, trust me!

Theo's chocolates -  for a Burr Basket gift

Notebook or Sketchbook

For the baking enthusiast, include a set of beautifully designed recipe cards or a stylish recipe notebook. This allows them to jot down their favorite recipes and culinary creations.

For the designer, encourage their creative process with a high-quality sketchbook, notebook or watercolor paper. Whether for jotting down ideas, sketching concepts, or making notes during client meetings, this can be a practical and artistic gift. A few of my favorite art supplies, including notebooks can be found here!

Magazine Subscription

Keep them updated on the latest trends and innovations in the world of inspiration and design with a subscription to a reputable design magazine. This provides a continuous source of inspiration. Three of my favorite design magazines are Better Homes and Gardens, In Her Studio, and Flower Magazine.

Assembling and Wrapping a Burr Basket

Once you’ve gathered all your gifts, carefully arrange the items in the basket – taking care not to squish anything! Consider adding some shredded paper or tissue paper for added flair. Once satisfied with the arrangement, wrap the basket in a large, cozy scarf or bow, securing it for a final touch of elegance and you’re ready to gift!


Creating a burr basket for a decor-loving or baking-enthusiast friend is a wonderful way to show thoughtfulness and care. The combination of towels, tea, cozy socks, a notebook, and additional personalized essentials promises a gift that is both stylish and comforting. By hand selecting each element, you’ll gather a present that truly reflects the recipient’s taste and brings joy and warmth into their home.

For other gift ideas from small shops, check out the Gift Guide here! And find even more ideas here! And tell me in the comments, what would you add to this list of gift ideas for a cozy Burr basket?

*Note: This post contains affiliate links.

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