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24 Ways to Start 2024 with Intention




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I’m just not ready on January 1st…

I don’t know about you, but now that I’m an adult, I’m rarely ready on January 1st to dive into the New Year and start tackling my intentions and resolutions. These days I’m more likely to be unpacking, cleaning up after the holidays, and grocery shopping to fill an empty pantry.

Instead of fighting it, I have decided to use the first week of January to reflect, regroup, and decide on goals and intentions for the year. (While cleaning out leftovers and enjoying the last holiday snacks with only a little guilt.)

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 24 ways to begin 2024 with Intention. 24 ways to thoughtfully begin the year and decide on your goals and vision, both in your personal and business life.

1. Read a book

I’m currently reading Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. I know I’m late to the game. I actually skimmed the book years ago, but now I’ve returned to focus and take notes. You can see a list of several other favorite books here.

Bonus: Leave a new book out on the coffee table to flip through instead of scrolling on your phone!

2. Spend Time in Each Room of Your Home and Make Notes

Here’s an idea – have your morning coffee in a different room each day and make note of what changes you’d like to make there this year. Maybe a small update will help that space become more efficient or cozy.

And if you decide your rooms need new wallpaper, I know a source

3. Upgrade Your Coffee/Tea Situation

If you start your day with coffee – and look forward to that ritual – why not make it magical? A new coffee maker may or may not be in the budget, but you could take a few minutes to stage your coffee bar with your favorite mug, freshly roasted coffee, and all the essentials for your morning cup, on a cute tray.

4. Edit Your Craft Supplies

I have a closet full of sewing and craft supplies that I’ve collected since college, plus a few that I’ve inherited. It’s handy to have a variety of supplies (need a random clasp, yep! I have it!) but it’s hard to find anything. Start the year off with a cleaned-out stash, or if you don’t have a collection of art supplies ready – check out my favorites here!

5. Update Your Yearly Calendar

I love yearly planning, and a full-year calendar is the best way to see all your scheduled events at a glance. I’ve used this one for the last two years, and really like it. I get the dry-erase option so I can easily make changes (and avoid decision paralysis, knowing I can easily update the calendar.)

6. Buy Gifts in Bulk

Hostess gifts, kid’s birthday party gifts, last minute, forgot-their-birthday-again gifts – it’s helpful to have a box of gifts ready to go for those occasions. Of course, Geometry Towels are my favorite for this! (Maybe not kid’s birthday gifts…) Use the code TobogganAvenue15 to save on your purchase!

7. Buy Cards for the Year

Similar to the above, this is a great time to stock up on the birthday and anniversary cards you plan to send for the year. Just don’t forget where you stash them and when to send them! I like to make a reminder in Trello a few days ahead of the date so I don’t forget to send the card! This is also a good time to make sure you have stamps. 🙂

8. Gift Yourself a New Notebook or Pens

For all the notes and lists you’ll make this year, gift yourself a great notebook and new pens. These pens are my favorite! (I buy them in bulk because I go through so many!) You could also get fancy and create your own custom notebook at Denik!

9. Go for a Hike

Outdoors and exercise – one of the best ways to inspire new ideas and spark conversation. Check out this old post about my observations while hiking.

10. Meal Plan

If I don’t plan meals at the beginning of each week, we either eat tacos or I end up at the grocery store too many times for our good. I’ve started a Pinterest board with healthier meal planning ideas – check it out (and follow along there on Pinterest to keep in touch!)

11. Message a Friend

Building more meaningful relationships is high on my list of resolutions every year. This should be an easy one, and yet it isn’t always. Today’s a great day to make that change!

12. Start an Email List

Knock that task off your 2024 goals list! Learn more about creating an email list for the success of your business here!

13. Clear Your Desk

Let this be the year you only keep what you need on your desk! A clear desk is the first step to a more productive day for me! You can read more productivity tips here!

Image of a clear desk with plants

14. Walk Through Your Local Nursery

Optional: Buy a new houseplant. If it’s winter where you are, a trip to the nursery is a great way to surround yourself with nature and stay warm at the same time. Win-win! Our local nursery is closing soon 🥲so I’m due for a visit before they close their doors.

15. Go on a Solo Coffee Date

My best planning happens at a coffee shop with an Americano. There’s something about getting quiet in a busy atmosphere away from the distractions of home that helps me journal and plan more freely. Don’t forget that new notebook and pen you gifted yourself!

16. Create a Mood Board

My mood boards are all empty and waiting to be filled with inspiration for the year! I like a physical mood board, but a private Pinterest board is also an option!

17. Clear Your Dresser Top

I have a bad habit of letting things pile up on my dresser. It’s the bedroom version of the entry table catch-all. When I do finally clear it off, I’m always amazed at how the room feels immediately calmer.

If you need help and accountability with a declutter challenge, my friend Alaina has one for you!

18. Watch the Sunrise (Or Sunset)

Sunrise is my favorite time to stop, enjoy the beauty of creation, and reflect on my intentions for the day before jumping in and getting to work.

19. Visit A Book Store

I find it inspiring and calming to wander a bookstore and browse current magazines, cookbooks, and design books. It’s a great way to get a feel for what is trending without getting caught up in social media scrolling and comparison. I picked up a current copy of Leanne Ford’s magazine during my latest visit.

20. Learn a New Skill

What is one thing you’d like to learn this year? Crochet? Knife skills? Creating your own photo backdrops? 😉 I had to throw in that last one because I have a class on Skillshare on that topic. Skillshare is a vast learning resource for nearly any topic you want to learn, and if you don’t already have a membership, you can get a free month with this link.

21. Add a Goal/ Resolution to Your List that Brings You Joy

While you’re creating your resolution list or intentions, add something that will bring joy to your year. Maybe it’s trying a new restaurant each month, or collecting a new sweatshirt from each destination this year. Make it an easy and fun resolution to keep!

22. Write Quotes and Leave them Around the House for Yourself

These clear sticky notes and a Sharpie are my current favorites for leaving notes and Bible verses around the house. (Thanks, Mom for introducing me to them!)

23. Clean out Your Car

Always the last place I clean and the one that needs it most. I got this little vacuum last year and it has made the dreaded chore so much easier!!

24. Sit Outside with a Blanket and Hot Chocolate

While I typically prefer coffee or tea, sometimes a decadent cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows outside on a crisp clear day feels magical. Try it and let me know if you agree!

Have an idea to add? Send me a note at and let me know!

Also, just so you know, a few of these links are affiliate links, so I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you if you decide to purchase. But everything I’ve recommended is something I use and enjoy!

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